Doru Halip
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If you clicked on this section, you probably want to know me and my personality better.
This may be an important factor on your decision for hiring me and I totally agree!
We will spend many hours together and you should have someone you feel comfortable with and that is sensitive to the wishes and you and your guests.

A wedding photographer has the ability to deliver work at the highest standards on uncontrolled and spontaneous events.
I love the photo-journalistic approach, but it is still equally important to photograph the family groups and help portray the relationships within the families.

I have more than seven years of journalistic experience. Also I am very open to any of the new trends in wedding photography.
Working on cruise ships as a photographer has taught me that wedding photography can combine any side of photography (journalistic, landscapes, portrait, advertising, fashion, etc...).

I am open to any suggestion and any challenge. I personally consider that everything is possible; how everything will be imagined...
An experienced wedding photographer will be able to shoot and react to key moments, even under pressure, working within unexpected time constraints.
As long as I am on this site it means that I enjoy what I do.

I find pleasure in any moment that I can transform into a story or a puzzle piece from your wedding photo gallery.
My gallery has to speak for itself. If you like what you see then I am the right person for your event.

Thank you for visiting my website.