Professional wedding photographer

An experienced wedding photographer has the ability to produce quality photos at the highest standards even if he is caught in an uncontrolled and spontaneous event. I am a fan of reportage photography, here I put at your service my experience as a photojournalist for over 7 years but I am also a fan of studio photo sessions, in nature or any other trend.

Life as a cruise ship photographer but also experience in a large photo studio in Chicago  taught me that wedding photos have no limits and can combine any side of photography in general. (report, product photography, portraits, landscapes, etc ..).

Only a Professional Photographer

You will not find in me a photographer limited only to a certain kind of photography, I am always open to any challenge and I consider that nothing is impossible.
That is why I claim that only a professional photographer can have the right reactions at key moments and can work under the pressure of time.
As long as you find me on this site, it means that I like what I do.
I fully enjoy any moment that I can turn into a story or maybe a puzzle piece that is missing from your image gallery from the most important moment in life, the wedding.

Photography has the power to impress through its truth and has sentimental effects.

An artistic photography excels in details, associations of ideas, producing meditations and even different reactions. 

I end here and thank you for visiting my site and I invite you to contact me .

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